BAFTA – A week on

Last Sunday, as I’m sure you’re aware, was the BAFTA awards. As a film blog you might have thought I’d have written something about it, perhaps a ‘best dressed list’ or a ‘who should have won’ piece.

A week on, I wanted to just say a little something. In the Those We Have Lost segment, there was a picture and a mention of my dad, who died in November. He was a film journalist for 25 years and inspired my love of film. He helped me write my very first blog posts on here and taught me about writing about film. He did a lot of work for BAFTA and we would pop in from time to time – quite often just to go for a wee as we passed, which would give dad the opportunity for his joke “most expensive wee I’ve ever had.”

My dad loved film. He loved old films and old movie stars and old Hollywood and great directors and genius cinematographers. In his office there are hundreds of books about film, ┬ámost of which he would pick up second hand, because they that meant they were his two favourite things; old, and a bargain. In the segment on last week’s show, the photo of dad was included amongst actors such as Peter O’Toole and Joan Fontaine, kings and queens of the silver screen. I know that the honour of being up there with them would have meant a tremendous amount to him.

In amongst the politics and paparazzi of the awards, I just wanted to say thank you to BAFTA and to anyone who helped my dad to be remembered on that screen with those people.