In The Flesh

On the fourth of May triple Bafta nominated drama In The Flesh returns to BBC Three, and so that people like me who didn’t get to watch it the first time round can experience it, series one is on iPlayer.

After the Rising, which saw the people who had died in the last year come back in a zombie-like state, sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome are returning to their homes and trying to fit back into normal society. Suicide victim Kieren returns to his Mum, Dad and sister to find his home town torn apart not just by those coming back, but those that were lost.

In The Flesh is so much more than a zombie story. It works as a metaphor for being an outcast in society, the way a small town deals with people who are different, looking like you fit in, the death in life after someone has died and the heroes of war coming home. It’s a wonderfully written and acted metaphor for sticking out in a tiny microcosm of society. It looks at the way a family deals with death through the eyes of the person they’ve lost, and examines grief in such a blisteringly honest way that your heart aches by the end.

Set in the bleak and grey countryside town of Roarton, it is those who are partially dead who seem to blend in the most, as the new reality they find themselves in is mirrored by their surroundings. The very lowest of humanity have all the power and all of the weapons and in this case it feels worryingly close to reality.

Catch it on iPlayer here.


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