Sian’s radio recommendation of the week: The Museum of Everything

Radio 4 Extra are repeating this series from 2004, written and performed by Marcus Brigstocke, Dan Tetsell and Danny Robbins.

A sketch show revolving around a museum (of everything) it’s wickedly funny and very fun, with both recurring characters you find yourself waiting to appear each week as well as individual skits about life in museums which anyone who’s set foot in one will find easy to relate to. You have 3 days left to listen to ep 5 and ep 6 is on the way!

Another recommendation is one of the latest episodes of Chain Reaction, old episodes of which were my recommendation here. The one I’m plugging this week is a rather lovely conversation between Neil Innes (best known for his collaborative work with Monty Python ) and Graham Linehan (best known Father Ted, The IT Crowd, Count Arthur Strong). They talk about comedy and Graham’s life and career so for anyone wanting to get going in comedy there’s some pretty good tips in there.

Listen to it here.


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