Blue Jasmine

On a rainy Saturday last week, I FINALLY saw Woody Allen’s 2013 hit Blue Jasmine, which has earned both Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins many an acting nomination. I’m far too behind the times to be writing reviews about it, but I thought I’d share my thoughts.

In Hollywood today, its pretty hard to come across really well developed female characters, who aren’t constructed just to be a mother or wife. But something Woody Allen does, and has done all of his career, is write great female characters, who are flawed, majestic, normal, wonderful examples of womanhood.

And aside from Allen, who it feels difficult to praise when thinking about what Mia and Ronan Farrow have been saying, Blanchett and Hawkins are magnificent – as indeed are all of the cast, who all have a bring a very Woody Allen-esque feel to their performances.

Blue Jasmine is essentially a tale of acceptance and learning to be happy with who you are, a lesson that surprisingly doesn’t come from the main character. I think that says a lot.


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