Sian’s radio reccommendation of the week: Meet David Sedaris

“You should really listen to this guy called David Sedaris”, my dad said to me once. “He’s a gay Jewish New Yorker who reads out his stories on Radio 4. His way with words is magnificent.”

Meet David Sedaris is a radio show that could have existed for hundreds of years, so timeless is the format. David Sedaris reads out some of his short stories; they may already be in his books or have been published in magazines but when he reads them out to an audience, it really feels off the cuff – like proper storytelling.

His delivery is funny, his stories are very funny, but what’s more every story he tells, as well as the laughs, has a little glimmer of human truth in it, something that will make you say “..oh.”

You’ve got 6 days left to listen to episode 6 of Episode 2 and if you like it then I implore you to seek out his books. Catch it here.


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