Kill Your Darlings

I have been waiting SO LONG to be able to talk about this film.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg and Dane DeHaan as Lucien Carr Kill Your Darlings is about the birth of the beat generation, the most influential period in the lives of writers such as Jack Kerouac and William S Burroughs. Ginsberg is young and naive, going away to college in the hope of living up to his father’s expectations. There he meets some fellow students intent on creating a literary revolution, changing his life forever.

As someone who loves literature, loves teenage rebellion movies and loves Daniel Radcliffe, for me this film is perfect. The soundtrack, the style, the story, the script, all of it combines to deliver you a slice of history, served up with a side of drugs, alcohol and heartbreak. Daniel Radcliffe gives such a brave and beautiful performance, it never once crossed my mind during the film that it was Daniel Radcliffe ‘of the Harry Potter films’ – his portrayal of Ginsberg is done with tremendous care.

Plus, I got to speak to him at a film event after a screening of the film. I babbled on at him (down at him, he is quite short and I am quite tall) about how much Harry Potter changed my life and made me love film because of all the wonderful people in it, and he very kindly agreed with me and said “yes me too – I’d never read a book before I did Potter.” He was gracious and humble (and handsome) and meeting a childhood hero and getting to see him in a film as brilliant as Kill Your Darlings all at once made it the best day of my life. So far. I’m yet to start a literary revolution so we’ll see how it goes.

Kill Your Darlings is in cinemas Friday December 6th. 


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