The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – a review by Lizzie

Lizzie Niemier kindly offered to write a review of the Hunger Games for my blog after she went to the premiere (where she asked Stanley Tucci “are you have a good night Mr Tucci” and told Jennifer Lawrence she was going to vomit on her dress). What follows is all her own words. 

I liked it because it was like the book which is what you want from a film that is supposed to be from a book. There was a lot of kissing and like, after nearly every kiss there was a spit string which was ew. Also, how is Willow Shields the same age as my little brother like what????? And how do they make j-hutch look taller than j-law in the movie when in reality he’s like a foot shorter I think this movie deserves an oscar purely for that, I am impressed.

It was really actiony but also it was actually supposed to be because the book has bare action. Sam Claflin’s American accent was a bit funny, like sometimes it was English and sometimes it was American, but I dont mean like varying from scene to scene it was different, I mean it was different syllable to syllable. Also there was a bit where Katniss is sliding into a pond or some other kind of body of water on her belly and no one else laughed but I did. It was quite a serious bit of the movie so I get why people didn’t laugh but it looked funny so yeah.

There were a lot more turkeys in the movie than I was expecting.

Jennifer Lawrence is a Goddess. I am bare impressed with Francis Lawrence bc I wasn’t sure about him cos I quite liked how that Gary bloke did the Hunger Games .but I loved the way f-law did catching fire especially as he had large shoes to walk in (idk if that’s the right saying soz if I’m wrong). F-Law did the fire on the chariots better than gary thingy did. My friend gabs probably won’t like the dress that effie wore for the reaping bc it was made of butterflies. I cried like four times.

Good movie. 10/10 would watch. I met Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere. She said she liked my dress. (This review is written by a j-law fan so is definitely 100% biased).


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