Gravity (2013)

Well. I certainly made the right choice in breaking my cinema fast with this film. You’ve probably heard the hype about this new film by Alfonso Cuaron, but if you haven’t then I will fill you in.

Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) are two astronauts mid mission when they are commanded to abort and return to ship immediately. From there on in, things get pretty hairy.

It’s a film about second chances and the desire and fight to live. Sandra Bullock gives a 5 star performance, and I would be surprised if she didn’t get at least nominations, let alone wins. She is just incredible, and commands the screen for the whole 90 minutes. Her performance feels like a throwback to Sigourney Weaver in Alien, and its so refreshing to see a woman on the screen for a role that has nothing to do with her body or her sexuality. She is a brilliantly written character and it’s worrying how exciting that is. Clooney is also fun, managing to be funny and confident without being annoying or snide.

The look of the film is, corny line here, out of this world, and the camera skill and the technicality of it are breathtaking – outer space was made up entirely digitally with only the faces of Clooney and Bullock being filmed, and the way the whole thing is shot and the sound is used really makes you feel like you’re in space with them. The film does a brilliant job of pulling the audience out of their seats and creating bags of tension, bearing in mind that for all of the film there are only one or two people actually on screen.

One of the jobs of film is to evoke feelings within humans through metaphor and supposed circumstances, and Gravity does this through its story, characters and through what you see on screen. It is utterly sensational in both its script and its execution and you would be mad to miss what will surely be a top winner in the awards season.

Fun Fact Alert: in the time it takes you to watch the film, the International Space Station has done one entire circuit of the earth.


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