Attack the Block (2011)

On Film4 this week (Tuesday at 9pm to be precise) they are screening the 2011 film Attack the Block.

The film features Luke Treadaway, Nick Frost and Jodie Whittaker amongst a cast of younger stars who make up a gang forced to run from the aliens attempting to attack the block of flats they live in.

It’s fast paced, funny, dramatic stuff from Joe Cornish on his debut film. He manages to perfectly capture the street talk without feeling patronising or like an embarrassing dad trying to be ‘down-with-the-kids.’ With a low budget the aliens and special effects look good and it’s always fun to see Nick Frost appear in anything, even with his long hair.

The kids who make up the gang which the film centres on were found in schools and through open auditions and each of them gives a strong performance, particularly Franz Drameh as Dennis, the leader of the gang – you might recognise him from the BBC’s Some Girls.

It’s a film that’s got funny moments, as well as heartfelt ones and manages to not just be another gritty movie about life on an estate; it’s much more interesting than that. It gives the young people a voice as well as letting them fight back, rebel and be shown to be doing something for good.

It’s on Film4 on Tuesday, so make sure you get it on record.


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