The week in film

You’d be surprised how many good films you can find scrolling through the channels late at night. This week has a few gems to choose from.


10 Things I Hate About You, Film4, 9.00.

A modern spin on Shakespeare’s The Taming Of The Shrew, if you haven’t yet seen this film then make sure you get it on record. It’s got Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, making for one of the most attractive casts of the 90’s, and is both funny, sweet, and has a kickin’ soundtrack.


Submarine, Film4, 11.45

Richard Ayoade’s directorial debut, based on the novel by Joe Cornish, is a beautiful and witty tale of growing up. Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige give amazing performances and the film has a beautiful stylistic look which leaves you with a glow long after the film has ended. Accompanied by a soundtrack exclusively by Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, Submarine is pure joy.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall itv2, 10.50

A laugh a minute comedy from Jason Segel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall documents Peter (Segel) getting over a break up by inadvertently going on holiday to the same location his ex girlfriend has gone with her new boyfriend, rockstar Aldous Snow (Russell Brand, who is fab). It’s a sweet and sharp comedy about working out what is good for you in life, and boasts a cast rich in comedy stars.

Plus, there’s mini puppet rock opera at the end, which inspired Segel to work on the Muppets Movie.


Never Been Kissed, E4, 9.00

I found this film channel flipping late one night and just loved it. Drew Barrymore’s performance wears a bit thin but the naivety of her character and the story are enough to make you keep watching. It’s a romantic comedy, but with that 90’s touch that makes everything seem that bit more cosy.


The Shining, itv4, 10.10

If you enjoy being terrified late at night, then make sure you watch this. Jack Nicholson oozes talent as ever in this Stanley Kubrick adaptation of the Stephen King novel about a man and his family looking after a hotel during thewinter months. Once you’ve watched it you might also like to seek out Room 237, a documentary about the different theories that have sprung up about the film over the years. You won’t ever want to stay in a hotel again.

The Truman Show, More4, 11.20

An interesting and thought provoking film about religion and the idea of a higher being, The Truman Show stars Jim Carey as Truman, a man whose whole life is actually a television show. It’s interesting stuff, brilliantly executed.

An Education, BBC2, 10.40

Carey Mulligan stars in this utterly beautiful and heart wrenching film about a girl who falls in love with an older man and is forced to choose between a place at Oxford, or living a life full of culture and defying her parents. Carey Mulligan shines through the screen, as do Emma Thompson and Olivia Williams as two of her teachers trying to guide her to the right choice.

It’s a comment on culture, on education, on love and on life. It’s a film that is both incredibly important, and magnificent.


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