Stephen Hawking is very much embedded in popular culture. He’s been a Simpson, he’s been in Star Trek and he talks to sold out audiences about life, the universe and everything. His name evokes a certain image of a wheelchair bound genius that will live on even after his death.
Hawking takes a look into the day to day life of the icon as well as back at the development of his disease and how those around him coped with it. It offers a very human perspective on the life not only of a world famous genius, but the practicalities of living with motor neuron disease. It features interviews from his friends, family, university professors and even Benedict Cumberbatch, who portrayed a young Hawking in the BBC drama of the same name.
It’s perhaps more suited to TV than the big screen, and would probably pull in a bigger audience if it was shown on BBC2. But it’s interesting stuff told in a way so that we really feel like we’ve been invited into his life for a brief time. Even if you’re not interested in science, this is a documentary about a human life and what can be achieved with that. Its a documentary not about what magnificent things can be found in the outreaches of the universe, but what  magnificent things can be found a bit closer to home.

Hawking is in cinemas September 20th.


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