You’re Next

You’re Next is a slasher movie about a large family coming together for the wedding anniversary of their parents, where they become the victims of violent attacks from masked killers.

If I’m ever asked what a slasher film is like I’ll offer You’re Next as an example. It’s predictable and follows a clear stabby formula meaning you can work out who’s doing the killing and why pretty early on. It’s a formula that’s been followed countless times, with only a few moments to alleviate the boredom of relentless horror.

One is a great ‘underground director’ character who has a few funny pretentious lines, and the other is a a survivor whose reason for survival is so cheesy it’s almost brilliant.

I don’t like films like this because they are unpleasant for the sake of it. You’re Next isn’t very clever but if you’re a fan of murder and death, there’s bloody loads of it in You’re Next.

NB: The film has been described as being a refreshing take on its genre. If you want to see a real fresh take on this genre watch Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

You’re Next is in cinemas 30 August


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