“Yes it travels in time and space now come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off”

Yes! I am going to add my voice to the cacophony of people commenting on the choice for the new doctor!

I’ve watched Doctor Who from the beginning of Christopher Eccleston, all the way through to present day, dipping in and out of classic Who as I go. I fell in love from Rose and stuck through all the one-off Tennant episodes, carried on when I was the only one left in my family watching and.. sigh.. watched so much River Song she actually grew on me as a character. A bit. Despite the wibbly-wobbly timeline.

Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith have each brought something new to the rejuvenation of the Doctor for the 21st century and although David Tennant will always be my doctor, Peter Capaldi is an excellent choice.

Hopefully, Peter Capaldi’s turn as the Doctor will mean more of a return to the Doctor as a nutty professor type, rather than, as Chris Kendall put it on Twitter, “Giffable quirkiness”. Don’t get me wrong! I love the giffable quirkiness! I’d just like something new, and different, and bonkers. Plus, we already know he’s a massive fan. This isn’t another role to him, he has his 8 year old self to impress. That’s pressure.
And whilst it’s funny to imagine Malcolm Tucker as the Doctor (it’s very funny), the other reason I love Peter Capaldi is his performance in The Hour. As well as being the polar opposite of Malcolm Tucker, the performance is a beautiful one. (Side note. Why was The Hour cancelled? Why? Why did the BBC not take the budget of the 12th Doctor announcement show and give it to The Hour? They could have done it on that budget. Probably. Harumph).

The point I’m essentially trying to make is that what Peter Capaldi will hopefully bring is something refreshing to this current run of Who as well as something from what the man himself was viewing as he was growing up. A combination of the two. Fingers crossed.

Plus, he’s already got the Daleks under check.

Also, poor Rufus moustacheless Hound wants to make clear he is a proper fan and is sorry and that he wants to shoot himself in the head. He puts it all better than I do.



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