The Cornetto lives on

The cornetto trilogy has come to a close. You’ve just munched the last bit of cone and you’ve even stuck your hand into the back of the freezer, to see if there are any more. Nope. Sad face.

BUT! Do not weep!

The World’s End is still in cinema’s, so whether you have or haven’t seen it (and you should see it because its brilliant) you still have the chance, be it your first, second or third time. Plus, if you’re in the US you lucky people still have the chance to see a screening of all three Cornetto films in one go.

And if you still have room left in that tum-tum of yours, The Cornetto Trilogy tumblr is full to bursting with photos, fan art and fun.

On Edgar Wright’s website he’s not only been documenting The World End tour around the US but also recounting the shooting of Shaun of the Dead day by day which took place ten years ago.

And then to top it all off, much like the nuts on top a cornetto, Edgar Wright has posted a link to the original screenplay for Shaun of the Dead, complete with stills, videos and notes.

How’s that for a slice of fried gold?


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