black fish 1

Directed, written and produced by Gabriela Cowperthwaite Blackfish looks at the captivity of Killer Whales, specifically looking at Tilikum and SeaWorld. With testimonials from ex SeaWorld employees and transcripts from court proceedings the film is an analysis of the effect of enclosed life on such large and intelligent creatures.


A film about killer whales probably isn’t top of your ‘to-see’ list – it wasn’t on mine. But for days after I saw this film I found myself thinking about the stories it told and what it had to say. It’s a brilliant piece of documentary making as well as being tense, heartbreaking and fascinating. It does so well at getting the audience on side that I felt like going out to picket SeaWorld there and then. Blackfish is important and brave and something everyone should witness.

The Blackfish official website is also worth taking a look at, particularly the page on SeaWorld’s responses to the film.

Blackfish is released on Friday 26th July.


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