Sightseers (2012)


Chris (Steve Oram) and Tina (Alice Lowe) are embarking on their first holiday together, a new couple aglow with the burning passion of new love. It’s a caravanning trip around Middle England, including twee destinations such as pencil and tram museums. But it takes a dark and twisted detour that becomes more black humoured.


I was aware of Alice Lowe from her various comedic ventures, and this film looked perfect in every single way. I love dark comedy. I love Ben Wheatley and I love sightseers. Seven years in the planning this film is a baby, gestated for a very long time, and the love and affection behind its creation is clear. The thought behind every single frame of film create an utterly beautiful looking piece of cinema with jokes so sick you might just have to laugh through covered eyes. What shines through most of all is the story, and the way in which it can be breaking your heart one second and making laugh until you cry the next. It is this type of writing and this type of comedy which is perfect for a film set so prominently in Britain – it’s a very British type of humour, fatalistic and unafraid. The characters are oddballs and outsiders but still thoroughly likeable. Despite the things they get up to. After you’ve seen the film, caravanning will never mean quite the same again.

See the trailer here: 


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