Where to begin with Trance, is the question I ask myself. I think I’ll try the plot.

Simon (James McAvoy) is an art auctioneer and enthusiast who becomes embroiled in a plot to steal a painting, a plot which soon goes awry as he is hit on the head and forgets where he has stored the painting. It is then decided by those who aided his painting stealing, a gang headed by Franck (Vincent Cassel) to enlist the help of hypnotherapist Elizabeth Lamb (Rosario Dawson) in order to trawl through Simon’s mind and find the location of the missing painting.

Some might argue that the film’s plot ends there, and that after this it becomes a melting pot of hypnotism and love triangles. Certainly the large number of twists and turns leaves an audience without their questions answered as the credits roll, but for me, that is one of the very best things about the film. Instead of handing you the answers on a plate it merely offers you tasters of different possibilities and suggests you work it out for yourself. The imagination and thought put into every single frame of film makes for a beautiful look and the nature of the script means that rather than telling a simple story the complexities of the human mind are examined and pulled apart, providing no real conclusions except for those you create yourself. For some, the lack of help along the way to gain said answers will be a disappointment and even perhaps a distraction from what is going on on screen, with even a few doubts raised about the reasoning of the characters in places. But inevitably, it is a film that is what you make it.

Plus, isn’t James McAvoy lovely?


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