Searching For Sugar Man

As I recently gained a rather lovely poster of this, I thought id give it a quick review!

Winner of the Best Documentary BAFTA, to name just one of its multiple awards, Searching for Sugarman tells the story of Sixto Rodriguez, an american folk singer who produced two albums with little to no success. Unbeknownst to him however, these two albums were some of the most strongly received and well credited in all of South Africa. The film follows the story of some very dedicated fans as they attempt to find out what happened to their hero.

With a soundtrack full of songs by the man himself, the documentary is imaginative and inspiring, magical and heartbreaking and full of moments that will make your heart sink and make it soar. The picture painted is truly incredible, placing you in the story in a way synonymous with a biopoic rather than a documentary. The truly wonderful nature of Sixto Rodriguez will be sure to lift your life.

And my favourite thing of all – upon collecting the BAFTA, the films makers commented that Rodriguez had intended to come to the ceremony with them; but he was instead playing to a sold out crowd in South Africa.

You can listen to him here:


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