Why The Last Leg is the best thing on TV right now

It’s not a film, admittedly, but The Last Leg, shown on Friday nights on Channel 4 is bloody brilliant.

Hosted by Adam Hills and accompanied by Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker, the show was originally shown after the paralympic coverage over the summer, in an attempt to push political correctness boundaries. It was after the success of these broadcasts that the show got its full series – and I could not be happier.

The trio are a delight to watch and feel like old friends that we are being invited to have a conversation with whilst also, of course, discussing the news. The points made throughout every episode accompanied by the clever way all the guests on the show are made to open up and join in is something rarely seen on television any more, and my life is beginning to revolve around the disappointingly short time that this is on my TV screen.

In particular I’d like to point out this. Adam Hills is a hero.


(This is the only place i can find that the video is available, as channel 4 keep trying to take it down)


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